X-Test-Video 1 Christmas Puppy Options

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Want to wait until Christmas and surprise the family?   We wanted to make it easier to figure out your options.  Any of the available puppies that are old enough can go home at Christmas but some can already have a little bit of training already done which is a huge help.  I am listing the litters in order of youngest to oldest below.  It’s good to reserve ahead of time especially if you want to guarantee a certain amount of training. Priority is always on adopted puppies for the training.

  1. Sophie’s Standard Bernedoodles- 8 weeks at Christmas- no training.
  2. Ellie Mae’s Medium Bernedoodles- 14 weeks at Christmas – Kindergarten training.
  3. Bella’s Mini f1b Goldendoodles- 16 weeks at Christmas – Grammar or Kindergarten training.
  4. Kali’s Golden Mountain Doodles- 16 weeks – Grammar or Kindergarten.
  5. Whiskey’s Small Standard Bernedoodles – 16 weeks at Christmas – Grammar or Kindergarten
  6. Kelcey’s Petite Mini f1b Bernedoodles – 20 weeks at Christmas –  High School, Grammar or Kindergarten  (depending on when reserved). This litter already started.

For older puppies that are already ready or will be ready at the higher training levels, refer to the ‘Our Trained Doodles ‘ page.