Supply List

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Here is a list of Things you will want to have on hand before your puppy comes to their new forever home
You will want to order:

1) Food – Life’s Abundance (puppy kibble for small-medium breeds).
2) Supplements (NuVet Daily Canine Wafer).         
3) Crate (wire one for house and hard plastic for vehicle).                           
4) Bed – One for his favorite spot and a smaller one for crate.             
5) Bowls for food and water.                               
6) Toys age and size appropriate (smaller softer toys for young pups and tougher, more durable for older teething pups).   
7) Treats healthy, small bites for training and frequent rewards.
8) Shampoo.                     
9) Ear Cleaner.         
10) Clean-up supplies, etc.
11) Collars, a Harness, and Leashes – Your preference.

You can find our recommended products here on our Puppy Checklist page.