Puppy Training

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Not exactly ready for puppy when puppies are ready to go home?  Not familiar with training a new puppy and / or would just prefer to have some of the training already done?  You can have your puppy trained here with us before you get him. We have several training options to fit your needs.

1. Puppy Kindergarten-( 1 month)- This option is great for those that just need a little help getting puppy off to a good start.  It is crate and leash training, and introduction to basic manners. This gives puppy more time to adjust to the crate and since he will be older, he can naturally 'hold it' longer.  He will receive the 9 and 12 wk vaccinations and a couple of more de-wormings.   A kindergarten level puppy will be $ 1,000.00 in addition  to the regular adoption fee.

2. Puppy Grammar School- 2 months- This training option is approx. 2 months in duration and  incorporates a few simple commands and introduction to the tell bell on the door. Puppy will  learn the 'sit' and 'down' commands using verbal, hand gestures, and treats. Puppy is also taught the recall command ( 'here Benji'), and manners are worked on such as no bite, no jump, off, etc.   Fee for a grammar school puppy  is $2,500.00 in addition to base price.  Puppy will be no younger than 12 wks and could be as old as 20 weeks depending on when he/she gets started.

3. Puppy High School -approx. 3 months of training ( begining house training and basic obedience)- - This puppy training option includes everything described in the grammar school and adds beginning house training.  Puppy will spend time in the house away from the other puppies and get used to going to the door, touching the bell before going out and encouraged to potty in the yard using repetition, treats and praise . After a successful 'go' in the yard puppy will walk on the leash and practice some simple commands such as sit, down, and recall while working on manners like no jump, no bite,  and  leash manners.  With this option, puppy will get to go on car rides, and get to meet strangers to work on socialization. He/she will be used to baths and dryers and ear cleanings, etc.  After completion, puppy will be well on his way to being house trained and with supervision and consistency he will have very few accidents. I will send home a summary of what we have done and what you need to do to be successful once you get him home. We are always available for any questions you may have as you get him settled in. A High school level puppy will be    $ 8,500.00 .

4. Associates Degree- The associates level puppy will be an older puppy who is well on his/her way to being house trained. This puppy will be 5-7 months of age and will have lived exclusively in the trainer's home for at least 1 month. He/she will be spayed/neutered, groomed, taken for car rides, and met strangers on a regular basis. This puppy will be ready to be a great family member with very little work on your part. There is still a transition period and we will instruct you on how best to handle the first few weeks. A Bernedoodle or Goldendoodle  associate level puppy will be 11,500.00 total. 

4. Bachelor's degree ( pre-therepy,  pre -CGC)-  . This young adult will be  7-9 months of age, spayed/neutered, , and have all of the above training and be even more house trained.  A Bachelor's degree  puppy will be $15,000.00 regardless of breed.

5. Masters level-  Our highest level of training.  Young   adult, 10- 16 months old and all of the above training plus an extra month or two to really work on learned skills and socialization.  A Masters level young adult will be 21k which includes ground transport to your home anywhere in the U.S. 

Training Testimonials-From the owner of Stormy, our 6-month old Bernedoodle that was just out of highschool training...… " Stormy has been such an amazing addition to our family. We drove to Liberty Pines to pick her up, and the second we met her we knew how special she was.  Getting a puppy seemed overwhelming to us, but all of the stress that comes along with training a dog was erased.  Every promise that Melisa made was completely true. She knows all of her commands, goes straight to the door when she needs out, and could not be more loving and social. After only having her for a week, it feels like she has been our dog forever. Since she is so well-trained and socialized, we are able to take her everywhere with us! People are shocked at how young she is because she is so well -behaved. Stormy has really exceeded our expectations and we could not imagine doing it any other way"

Stormy at 4 months

From Pam, the owner of Sammie from Maggy's first Bernedoodle litter who went home at 5 months after grammar school to become a therepy dog at a Mission in upper N.Y.- " Your little girl is doing great. She is a Rockstar at the Mission. She just loves people so much and is incredibly gentle and sweet. Best temperament for a therepy dog I've ever seen. No car sickness- no potty problems. She LOVES snow! You should be very proud of this girl!  I've never seen a pup this age handle herself so well."