Puppy Guarantee

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We guarantee our puppies to be free of hip dysplasia and genetic eye diseases for two years ( puppies second birthday). If puppy is found to have hip dysplasia ( beyond a mild condition) or a genetic eye disease ( cataracts), purchaser has the option of keeping puppy and receiving half of your purchase price back or returning puppy and receiving another puppy of equal value as soon as one is available. K.M.D. must be provided with the official documentation from the OFA for the hips and the CERF documents for the eyes and be provided the contact numbers and records from the regular Vet that has been taking care of the puppy. If puppy is thought by the Vet.to be too heavy and obesity a probable cause for hip dysplasia, this guarantee becomes null and void. It is very important to keep puppy/dog at a healthy weight and not too heavy. Too many people let their dogs get overweight. This is just as bad as neglect.

If buyer elects to get a new puppy, all shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer.  K.M.D. will not be held responsible for any Vet bills, OFA charges, or CERF charges. Puppy must be spayed/neutered by his 6-month birthday and kept on the NuVet vitamins for which he/she has been started on for the first year of life for guarantee to be valid.

We do our part in starting puppy out on the best dog food and vitamins, it’s up to you to continue to take excellent care of him/her when you get him home. Click on the Nu Vet page to order!

All of our breeding dogs are health tested for appropriate genetic health issues via Paw Prints Genetics or D.D.C. Veterinary. If both parents were tested ‘clear’ , then the offspring is ‘ clear by parentage’, in other words , doesn’t need to be tested. Several of our females have been held back from previous , retired breeders that tested ‘ clear’ for PRA, so they are considered ‘ clear by parentage’. If we did not own the parents, then the breeding dog was tested through one of the above mentioned companies.