Our Trained Doodle Puppies

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We are now offering older, trained Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle puppies!!!

Due to increased requests for older, trained puppies, we have decided to offer our puppies as older, partially-trained puppies as well as a few young adult, full-trained dogs.  All of our puppies will have some level of training starting with basic crate and leash . If you would like to receive a young puppy with no training, 10 weeks is the earliest they can leave and you will need to let us know and reserve from a newer litter.

If you want to receive a puppy between the ages of 12 wks-8 months that has been fully vaccinated, crate and leash trained, and had some basic obedience already done then this option may be for you! These puppies will be in different stages of training so please inquire what has already been done , and where they are in their training. Beginning house training now an option as well as fully house-trained older pups/ young adults.

Drew, trained Golden Mountain Doodle

Trained Bernedoodle puppy

Drew is a Golden Mountain Doodle born Oct 8th.  His expected adult weight is between 30-35…   Continue

Aspen, Standard Bernedoodle female

Bernedoodle in training

Aspen is a gorgeous and colorful Bernedoodle puppy in training.  She is a standard size f1b…   Continue


Chloe is a large mini / small medium f2b Bernedoodle puppy in training.  Expected adult weight…   Continue


Luke us a medium Golden Mountain Doodle that should get to about 40 lbs.  His coat…   Continue


Tri colored Bernedoodle puppy

Meet Bryce, medium size f2b Bernedoodle puppy. Bryce was chosen to complete our training program and…   Continue


Petite Bernedoodle puppy

Little Luca is ready for his forever home , or he can stay and continue his…   Continue


Trained Bernedoodle puppy

Brax is a medium Golden Mountain Doodle  male currently in training for the Bachelor level. He…   Continue


Oscar is an Aussiedoodle puppy in training, medium size f1 with a gorgeous thick soft curly…   Continue


Trained Aussiedoodle

Casey is a medium size Aussiedoodle puppy in training.  She should mature to between 40-50 lbs….   Continue

Ranger, trained Mini Goldendoodle

Ranger is a 10 month -old mini f1b Goldendoodle. He was born on New Years Day…   Continue