Get Ready/ Supplies to prepare

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Of course, you’re excited and eager to start life with your new pet. Now try to imagine what this is like for the puppy. They have just been taken from their mother, siblings, the only humans they knows, and their familiar environment. Therefore, it’s up to you to prepare as well as you can to make the transition as easy as possible, for you and the puppy.
Here are a few necessities and some cute nice to haves we think you will like.
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What You Will Need
Here is a list of Things to Have Ready Before Your Puppy Comes Home.
Puppy Check List

We recommend Life’s Abundance puppy food and adult dog food for our puppies. It is a great food, all natural, no preservatives, never had a recall and it comes straight from the manufacturer to your door.
Order your Lifes Abundance food here!

We have tried several really good dog foods over the past couple of years, and have found that when you really study them, most of them fell short in one area or another.  Just because they say ' vet recommended', or ' healthy....' etc, doesn't mean that they have the best ingredients.
Alot of ingredients that are in dog foods that are supposedly ' high quality', are not even supposed to be fed to dogs.  Like corn, it really isn't good for dogs, and yet it's in most of our pet store puppy and dog foods.  I've done alot of research and could go on and on, but instead, you should take the time to check out the website for Life's Abundance.  Life's Abundance is an excellent, all natural, made fresh puppy/dog food.  It has nothing artificial, no by-products, and no corn!  No preservatives !  And, it's delivered right to your door, how great is that!  It is no more expensive than the best puppy food in the pet stores and you save time and money since it is delivered.  And did I mention ' fresh'???
You can get on an auto-ship program so you don't even have to think about it every month.  You can even order healthy training treats and chews from the website.  Take a minute to look and read and I'm sure you will be convinced that Life's Abundance is the best puppy and dog food that you can find anywhere.
We use and recommend the NuVet Canine Supplements and require that you keep puppy on them for at least the first year. These are all natural, human grade immune system builders.


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