Sammie is a 6 month-old female medium Bernedoodle with a soft, wavy tri-colored  merle coat and one blue eye.  She will mature to about 45-50  lbs. She is very, very sweet and attentive, and extremely smart.  Sammie is working on her Associates level training ( see training page).  She will be house trained,spayed, microchipped, and be trained in basic obedience ( sit, down, stay, place, no, etc).  Sammie is already extensively socialized including puppy training classes for extra socialization and dependability around other dogs and distractions. She has already worked as a therepy puppy in training at a mission in NY and did very well but the mission changed their rules and no longer alow therepy dogs there and her new owner didn’t want her to have to stay at home alone all day.  Sammy will be finished training and ready the end of Feb and her adoption fee including training is 15,000.00.