Delivery and Transport Options

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When you adopt a Kentucky Mountain Doodle, you are welcome to come here and pick him up. We would love to meet you and spend some time going over what to expect for your next few weeks. If that is not an option for you, we have a couple other ways to get your puppy home.                           

1). Ground transport with our licensed, insured, Pet Transporter, He will drive puppy to your house. Fee for this is 450.00  to 700.00  for most cities . West Coast will be slightly more and we will let the transporters quote you.         

2). If puppy is small enough, we can use a Flight Nanny.  This will be my niece from FL who will fly in cabin with your puppy and meet you at your nearest airport. Fee for this is 500.00 plus the flight and hotel.
You are also welcome to fly in to Lexington, KY and drive to us to pick up puppy. We are 1.5 hrs from the airport . You can carry puppy home in cabin if puppy is still small enough.

Door-to-door Schedule :

Northeast : Approx  every two weeks.  Next trip is mid to end of October 2022.

Florida and south east: Inquire:

West coast:  1st week of October  2022